I have bad news. (Beauty Related)

Hello everyone,

If you’ve been following my blog or know me personally, you must already know I’m completely against the use of animal-based ingredients in cosmetics. Whether it’s snail mucin, deer antlers, horse oil (can I puke now?) or shark oil, I’ve NEVER in my entire life used anything with these ingredients and I’ve always boycotted brands who use them. Unfortunately, Japanese brand Hada Labo recently made the silly decision of using shark oil in their latest skincare line. It’s 2017 and it’s about time cosmetics brands who use those disgusting and revolting animal-based ingredients finally understand there are plenty of excellent alternatives (such as olive squalane for example!) instead of using dead animals.

Hada Labo was one of my first forays into Japanese beauty around 7 years ago, and their products were still part of my skincare routine until today. Needless to say, I’m extremely disappointed and only have great disdain for them. I mentioned their products just in my previous posts and if you’ve purchased anything from them because of me, I’m truly sorry, but I hope you’ll make the right decision and boycott this brand as of today. Killing sharks for cosmetics is definitely not acceptable and truly revolting.

If you’ve been a fan of their gokujyun acid lotion and are now looking for an alternative, I can recommend the UNT Aqua D’origine Intensive. I’ve been using it myself for the past 6 months and I can safely say it’s truly excellent. The best part? UNT is cruelty-free.

It goes without saying that I won’t ever purchase anything from hada labo again and they’re definitely banned from my blog.

Shame on you hada labo.


10 comments on I have bad news. (Beauty Related)

  • Meaghan Rae

    Yes, their Squalene oil is made from shark liver. BUT in Japan at least they also sell Squalene II (same price point) which is plant-derived squalene. Just FYI.

  • Christine

    Gosh I thought it was a joke at first; How disappointing.

    I know that hada labo gokujyun acid lotion got positive reviews overall, but I find it terribly boring and – excuse me – LAME AF! Imo it’s like skincare for poor people or 13 years old kids so I’m not *that* surprised they decided to use this shitty shark ingredient. Olive squalane must be too expensive for them. :’) I totally agree with Marie, #fuckyouhadalabo would be more appropriate in this situation!

  • Emily

    That’s too bad about the Hada Labo premium lotion, I had such high hopes for it… I’m glad I didn’t purchase it.

  • Michelle

    I totally agree with you. I was eyeing this brand, it’s a good thing I saw your post first. No idea why they would use such a controversial ingredient.

  • Ella

    You saved me from this brand, phew! I was considering the lotion but now that I know they use shark oil it’s a big no way.

  • evy

    Well, now I’m happy that the Hada Labo lotion has forever been sitting on my wishlist, without me actually purchasing. *clicks delete* Thank you for the PSA and the alternative!

  • Marie

    Are you f*** kidding me!!! D: This is soooo shocking!

    “Shame on you” isn’t strong enough, #FUCKYOUHADALABO is much better!

  • Jeannie-Lynn

    Omg, I was just going to email you about it. Hada Labo’s products are nice and inexpensive but thank god you told us about that shark thing. Humans are despicable. I’m so with you on this, bye Hada Labo!

  • Leonie

    Oh wow…

    I can’t believe squalane is still a thing. This is truly heartbreaking, I don’t even know what to say.

    x Leonie

  • Lucia

    Hi Amy,

    I just saw your Instagram story and I’m speechless… But dang this is so saddening! 🙁
    Last night I ordered that premium lotion you mentioned in another post but THANK GOD I’ve seen your post just in time, I’m going to cancel my order right away ~



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