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Each month I share my monthly goals and investments to keep me on track and motivated to move forward. I highlight aspects of my home and work life I am trying to improve, along with how my investments are doing and impact on my total net worth.

Now, I won’t be discussing actually dollar (or pound sterling) amounts in these reports as I don’t believe revealing this information is valuable to readers, mostly because some may regard the sums discussed as large, whilst others would see them as low.

There is also the issue of privacy, whilst I discuss a lot of my life on this blog I am not 100% happy to reveal all and where my money is online. Some people are okay with this, others not, and I fall into the latter camp.

In any case, I am not trying to be a financial guru (I AM definitely no guru!) recommending particular investments to earn a fat commission. This is more to document and justify investments I am making and to hold myself accountable to myself and family.

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About the LifeHacker Guy

Hi, I'm Adam the founder of the LifeHacker Guy.

I have a First Class Honours degree in Sports Science from Brighton University, specialising in exercise physiology and nutrition. In my youth I was a competitive Triathlete and long-distance runner placing top 10 in most triathlon races I completed.

Since suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I moved into web development, after a couple of years I then moved onto developing a number of online businesses. I've recently taken a sabbatical and I'm now looking to make big changes in my life, hopefully this may resonate with you - join me in my journey!