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Best Spirulina Powders & supplements

Best Spirulina Powders (Updated for 2021)

Spirulina is a common ingredient in super greens powders, known for the fact that it’s packed with antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals.

Although greens powders can provide you with a dose of spirulina, some people would much rather specifically take spirulina powder, or supplement spirulina alongside a superfood formula.

As more and more people realize the benefits associated with spirulina and decide to supplement it, the prevalence of spirulina powders on the market has increased.

Of course, this is brilliant because it gives people more options, but it also makes it harder for people to know which spirulina powder they should be going for!

Each and every supplement has its own unique set of pros and cons and it can often feel overwhelming trying to weigh up all of the formulas out there to decide which one comes out on top.

So, I’ve decided to take this weight off your shoulders and put together a comprehensive list of the best spirulina powders out there.

If you’re thinking of buying a spirulina powder and you’re unsure which one to go for, or you’re keen to know more about these powders, check out my full review of the top 5 spirulina powders below.

1Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Powder


Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Powder has to come top of the list for me! I have previously reviewed this supplement and found that it pretty much ticked all of my boxes, which is rare.

Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina contains pure spirulina from Hawaii and that’s the only ingredient within the formula.

However, the brand still provides information about the micronutrients within the powder to let the consumer know exactly what nutritional benefits they receive when they consume this powder.

The Hawaiian Spirulina formula is supposed to boost the immune system, boost energy levels, support healthy cholesterol levels, push toxins from the body, and supports cell health.

The powder is non-GMO, certified vegan, certified gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, and kosher.

Nutrex sells the Hawaiian Spirulina in both powdered form and in tablets.

The serving size is 3g, and the standard recommended dose of spirulina is 1-3g, so it should definitely provide you with the benefits associated with spirulina!

Of course, the capsules don’t taste of anything, but even the powder doesn’t taste as pungent as you may expect. In fact, it’s quite light and refreshing!

However, some people may not like the taste, especially if they’re not used to consuming spirulina powder.

With a cost per serving of $0.30 (and if you subscribe you can save 10% off), this powder is incredibly budget-friendly! This is a surprisingly low price for such a high-quality formula, but I’m certainly not complaining!

Overall, this is a really great spirulina powder, whether you buy the capsules or the powdered form!


  • High-quality formula from a trusted brand.
  • 3g of spirulina – hits the standard recommended dose.
  • Very budget-friendly.


  • Some people might not like the taste of the formula.

2Terrasoul Spirulina Powder


Terrasoul Spirulina Powder is a spirulina powder made and sold within the US, but the spirulina within the powder is grown in India. The powder only contains spirulina, and with a serving size of 7g, that’s a lot of spirulina per dose!

The main benefit of this spirulina powder is detoxification. Terrasoul claims that the formula will provide the consumer with antioxidants that protect the cells from radical damage, push toxins from the body, and help to balance the body’s pH.

The powder is USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, raw, gluten-free, and vegan.

The 7g dose of spirulina obviously exceeds the 1-3g standard recommended dose, but doses up to 10g have been used safely and effectively, so don’t worry about overdosing!

Unfortunately, the taste of the formula is incredibly pungent, with some customers even stating in reviews that it tastes like ‘sewage’ and ‘vomit’.

However, when added to a smoothie, shake or juice, the taste is easy to cover.

The cost per serving of this formula sits at $0.47, so just like the Nutrex Hawaiian formula, it’s budget-friendly! You can also save 10% if you subscribe to the formula, making it even cheaper.

Overall, this is a high-quality spirulina powder that packs a punch, but you may need to cover the taste of the formula unless you’re ready to gag!


  • 7g of spirulina – exceeding the minimum recommended dose.
  • 1,300+ positive customer reviews.
  • Low-cost.


  • Bad tasting formula – needs to be mixed in a smoothie or shake to be pleasant.

3Now Supplements Spirulina Powder


Now Supplements Spirulina Powder is spirulina powder sold as a powder and as tablets. The company behind the spirulina supplements has been around since 1968 and is still highly-regarded and well-known in the US today.

The Now Supplements Spirulina Powder contains 3.3g of spirulina, and that’s the only ingredient within the powder.

However, the problem is that the brand isn’t very clear about the benefits associated with the formula, and instead, the brand provides information about the minerals and vitamins with the formula.

Although this would be fine for someone that’s knowledgeable about micronutrients and the benefits they provide to the body, for someone that’s not so well versed in nutrition, a simple list of health benefits would have been more useful.

As mentioned above, spirulina has a standard recommended dose of 1-3g, and with each serving (1 teaspoon) containing 3.3g of formula, you’ll definitely be consuming enough spirulina with every dose!

In addition, the powder is USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, Quality GMP Assured, Vegan/Vegetarian, Soy Free, and sugar-free.

Unfortunately, the taste of the formula is really bad!

Customers have even left reviews on Amazon saying that the product genuinely tastes like “dog poo” – not ideal when it’s something you should be consuming every day.

Of course, you can mix the powder with other ingredients to make a smoothie or shake, or purchase the tablets.

Although, powdered form is always better!

This powder has a cost per serving of $0.17, making it extremely budget-friendly and possibly making the taste of the formula seem less important!

Overall, Now Supplements Spirulina Powder is a high-quality spirulina supplement, but you might just need to work on making a tasty concoction with the powder to be able to get it down.


  • Very budget-friendly.
  • Trusted company.
  • Hits the daily recommended dose of spirulina.


  • Tastes awful.

4Micro Ingredients Pure Organic Spirulina Powder


Micro Ingredients Pure Organic Spirulina powder is a non-irradiated, USDA-certified organic, vegan, non-GMO, spirulina powder. The powder contains only spirulina, like the other formulas in this review.

This powder has a serving size of 3g, which perfectly hits the standard recommended dose of 1-3g of spirulina, and the benefits associated with spirulina should be provided to the consumer.

Unfortunately, the brand gives no information about what these specific health benefits are, and only provides information about the different types of micronutrients within the powder, much like the Now Supplements Spirulina Powder!

This is a shame – I think brands need to start realizing that not everyone has an in-built knowledge of nutrition and supplements!

However, the taste of this formula is actually pleasant! Rather than being pungent and unappetizing, it’s light, refreshing, and easy to consume when just mixed with water.

In addition, with a cost per serving of $0.15, the powder is budget-friendly!

Overall, this is a powerful spirulina powder that supplies the right amount of spirulina, tastes good, and is cost-effective. The only downside is that the brand isn’t very transparent about the benefits associated with the powder.


  • Hits the standard recommended dose of spirulina.
  • Very low-cost.
  • Tastes good!


  • Micro Ingredients doesn’t offer information about the benefits associated with the formula.

5BN Labs Organic Spirulina Powder


BN Labs Organic Spirulina Powder contains unflavored, non-irradiated spirulina, and no other ingredients! The formula is USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten & Soy Free, and Third Party Tested.

This is one of the most popular spirulina powders on the market, with over 4,400 customer reviews on Amazon!

The brand recommends a serving size of 7g, just like Terrasoul (supplement #2 on this list), which obviously exceeds the standard recommended dose of 1-3g.

However, as mentioned when looking at the Terrasoul formula, research has shown that daily consumption of up to 10g of spirulina is safe and effective, so no worries here with overdosing.

The brand claims that the powder boosts the immune system, increases energy levels, promotes weight loss, helps to regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and promotes healthy levels of cholesterol.

The taste of the formula is neither unpleasant nor pleasant – it doesn’t really taste like much! However, the odor of the formula is strong and earthy, with some customers even saying it smells like a fish pond.

The cost per serving of this formula works out at $0.40, and although that’s slightly more expensive than other powders on this list, it’s still incredibly cheap!

Overall, this spirulina powder serves up a high dose of spirulina, is cost-effective, tastes inoffensive, and has some powerful health benefits associated with it, you might just have to pinch your nose whilst opening the pouch!


  • Over 4,400+ customer reviews.
  • 7g of spirulina – higher than the standard recommended dose.
  • Cost-effective.


  • Smells bad.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spirulina Powders

What Are The Benefits of Spirulina?

Spirulina is a powerful alga, rich in antioxidants and essential micronutrients.

Spirulina protects cells from radical damage, has anti-inflammatory properties, can lower LDL cholesterol levels, it can reduce blood pressure, it can push toxins from the body, help reduce the likelihood of anemia and even boost metabolism.

Spirulina powder

How Much Spirulina Should You Take Per Day?

The standard recommended daily dose of spirulina is between 1-3g, but research has shown that doses up to 10g are also safe and effective. So, minimum, 1g, and maximum, 10g!

Is Spirulina Safe For Everyone?

Spirulina is generally considered safe for everyone. However, those on blood-thinning medications and those with autoimmune conditions may want to avoid it, or at the very minimum consult a doctor before consumption.

However, I do always recommend everyone who is under 18, pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication, or with a medical condition to consult a doctor before deciding to take a new supplement!

If you experience any side effects from consuming spirulina, stop consuming it and seek medical advice.

What Time Should You Take Spirulina?

Spirulina can technically be taken at any time of the day, but it is best to take it in the morning as an energy-booster. In addition, most people tend to take their supplements in the morning so they know their nutrition is covered for the day ahead.

Spirulina Algae powder

The Bottom Line

Spirulina is definitely an important and powerful alga and as long as it suits you, you should try to take it daily!

Hopefully, after reading this review you are aware of the best spirulina powders out there on the market and you’re ready to buy the right one for you!

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