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BIOHM Super reds review

BIOHM Super Reds Review

BIOHM Super Reds is an immune-boosting, toxin-pushing, bacteria-balancing, gut-improving super reds formula, produced by the popular US-based brand, BIOHM Health.

The formula is packed with superfoods, probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes, all of which the brand claims help to reduce the digestive plaque within the gut and boost the overall health of the digestive system.

The Super Reds formula is suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

This is a really well-known gut-health-boosting formula on the market and I am really keen to take a closer look at it to see if it really can balance the bacteria in the gut and improve overall health.

If you’re thinking of purchasing this formula or you’re also intrigued to take a closer look at it, check out my full BIOHM Super Reds review below.

BIOHM Super Reds Tub

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BIOHM Super Reds First Impressions

The BIOHM Health website has an incredibly scientific aesthetic, and everything looks sleek and well put together. I like the fact that the brand offers a gut test and gut quiz, as well as an informative blog and podcast.

The BIOHM Super Reds formula looks like an impressive formula at first glance, and it’s great to see that there’s a wide range of information about the formula, as well as its benefits and ingredients.

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Background on BIOHM Health

BIOHM Health was founded by Afif Ghannoum and Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum in 2016 after Dr. Ghannoum’s work on the microbiome of the gut found that bad bacteria and fungus create digestive plaque and upset the digestive system.

The brand specifically creates products that break down digestive plaque and help to balance the gut’s bacteria and fungi. The brand also offers a gut test and gut quiz, to help customers figure out how they can improve their digestive system.

BIOHM Super Reds Benefits

All of BIOHM’s products are specifically formulated to boost overall health by improving the health of the gut. The brand supplies a wide range of information about the benefits of the Super Reds formula, even highlighting the specific benefits of each blend.

Super Reds is supposed to balance the bacteria and fungi of the gut, as well as push toxins from the body. The Phytonutrient Blend within the formula also contains ingredients that boost the immune system.

BIOHM Super Reds Ingredients

BIOHM Super Reds contains over 20 ingredients, all of which exist within proprietary blends. This causes a problem when trying to work out the formula’s efficacy, but I’ll be taking a look at this in more detail later in this review.

First, let’s take a look at the ingredients label.

Here is the complete list of the BIOHM Super Reds ingredients:

  • Phytonutrient Blend – 4,100mg – Beet (Root), Sweet Potato (Root), Cabbage (Leaf).
  • Antioxidant Blend – 3,440mg – Pomegranate Juice Powder (Fruit), Tart Cherry Extract (Whole Fruit), Grape Seed Extract, Blueberry Powder (Fruit), Cranberry Powder (Fruit), Raspberry Powder (Fruit), Strawberry Powder (Fruit).
  • Superfood Boost Blend – 1,100mg – Acai Juice Powder (Fruit), Turkey Tail Mushroom (Trametes versicolor, fruiting bodies), Cordyceps Powder (Fruiting Bodies).
  • Digestive Blend – 310mg – Apple Pectin, Buckwheat Powder, Quinoa Seed Powder, Chia Seed Powder.
  • BIOHM Probiotic Blend – 117mg – B.breve, L.rhamnosus, S.boulardii, L. acidophilus, Amylase.
  • Other Ingredients – Monk Fruit Extract, Citric Acid, Pomegranate Flavor.

Here is the supplement facts label:

BIOHM Super Reds Label

How does BIOHM Super Reds Taste?

BIOHM Super Reds has a pomegranate flavor and is sweetened with monk fruit extract. Although some customer reviews state that the formula tastes overly sweet, most customers think that the formula is light and easy to consume.

Side Effects

Although there are no warnings associated with the formula, the brand suggests those who are taking medication, those with medical conditions, and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before consumption.

The formula is also only to be consumed by those over 18 years old.

Does BIOHM Super Reds Work?

All of the ingredients within the BIOHM Super Reds formula exist within proprietary blends. This makes it incredibly hard to work out the efficacy of the formula since it’s unclear how much of each ingredient exists within the formula.

However, we can take a look at the amounts of each blend and the combined recommended doses of the ingredients within them to see if the formula is or is not likely to be effective.

The formula clearly contains insufficiently dosed ingredients and therefore may not be effective.

The difficult thing about this formula is that not a lot of ingredients within it have standard recommended doses, therefore making it even more difficult to work out if the formula will provide the benefits that the brand suggests it will!

Nonetheless, the Superfood Boost Blend clearly contains insufficiently dosed ingredients since it totals 1,100mg and cordyceps has a standard recommended dose of between 1-3g, and turkey tail has a standard recommended dose of between 200mg – 3g.

The Antioxidant Blend totals 3,440mg, and the recommended doses of just three of the ingredients, grape seed extract, pomegranate, and tart cherry extract, total 4,300mg. Therefore, it’s clear that this blend also contains insufficiently dosed ingredients.

Therefore, overall, the formula clearly contains insufficiently dosed ingredients and therefore may not be effective or provide the benefits that the brand claims it will.

pomegranate fruit

BIOHM Super Reds Reviews

BIOHM Super Reds is available on Amazon and therefore we can take a look on there to see a selection of unbiased customer reviews of the formula.

The formula has 67 customer reviews and scores an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars.

So, let’s take a look at a selection of these reviews.

This drink is pretty darn good to drink, no bad taste or after taste with this. I’ve had no stomach upset at all since starting this powder in fact I’m pretty sure I feel better than I did a week ago This powder is loaded with superfoods and it is so healthy. I’m drinking this every single day for the past week and I’m really enjoying it. I look forward to drinking this every morning when I wake up, happy to have a full 30 day supply. 5-star review

I personally wasn’t a big fan of the flavor, but it sounds like overall it’s good for you, and it’s not the worst thing you could drink, but it’s hard to go out of my way to want to drink it on its own at the same time. Personally I prefer to blend this with a lemon-raspberry magnesium supplement I have because it give it a more tarry sweet flavor and the mix of the two helps make it taste great! Wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it full price due to the fact the flavor isn’t appealing to me on it’s own, but not all healthy things taste great I suppose! 3-star review

I have Alaya super greens and have had great results with no reactions. But this Biohm super reds gave me an immediate reaction of extreme dizziness and queasiness, and my throat feels strange. The most uncomfortable scary feeling. And that wasn’t even a full scoop as I was just testing it out. I feel as if I’m having a sort of allergic reaction to it. Whatever is in it does not agree with me. I should know better. I normally do not ‘do’ supplements like this and that is the reason why — you don’t know exactly what’s in them and how it will react with your body. I’m not going to be trying any more supplement drinks except perhaps the Alaya super green. I’m tossing this in the garbage. Your results may vary, but for me, big NO. 1-star review

Money-Back Guarantee / Returns Policy

BIOHM offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re not impressed with the BIOHM Super Reds product, you can return it within 60 days of receipt.

Where to buy BIOHM Super Reds?

You can buy the formula from the BIOHM website and Amazon.

Is It Worth The Price?

BIOHM Super Reds is sold in tubs that contain 30 servings of formula. You can either buy the formula as a one-off purchase or you can subscribe to receiving it regularly and benefit from a 20% discount.

One tub of BIOHM Super Reds on a one-time purchase costs $44.99, meaning the cost per serving works out at $1.50.

One tub of BIOHM Super Reds on a subscription costs $35.99, bringing the cost per serving down to $1.20.

Although the formula isn’t overly expensive, I don’t think the formula is reasonably priced since it most likely contains insufficiently dosed ingredients and doesn’t have very many ingredients that are actually potent.

My Final Verdict

Overall, this formula isn’t particularly bad, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a couple of reasons.

Several ingredients within the formula are clearly insufficiently dosed, and therefore it’s unlikely that the formula will provide all of the ingredients that the brand claims it will.

There are also not too many potent ingredients within the formula, therefore it may not actually provide powerful benefits.

If you are looking for a formula that is definitely going to provide you with benefits, I would recommend choosing a potent super reds formula that has a fully disclosed label and contains sufficiently dosed ingredients.

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