Supplement Blueprint

Step-by-step Guide to Launching a Supplement Brand from Scratch

Each year the supplement industry is worth over $37 billion just in the USA alone – projected to be $278 billion globally by 2042 [1]. With such huge profits in the supplement industry, have you ever thought you would like a slice of this very big pie?

But creating your own supplement brand from scratch is impossible, right? Absolutely not true!

Anyone can create their own supplement brand, by following my step-by-step blueprint – whatever your budget!

Follow my progress as I create my dietary supplement from scratch in 90 days.

Every Step You Need to Get Your Supplement Brand – From Idea to Shelf!

Overwhelmed as to where to start? It’s easy to see why there are so many things to think of.

From what ingredients to use, where to have it manufactured – to ensure you’re 100% legal and compliant.

Follow behind the scenes as I go through the complete process of creating a dietary supplement. My step-by-step process outlines each part needed: from identifying my target market, great branding, robust manufacturing, e-commerce, payment processing, fulfillment, and customer support.

Supplement Schedule

I started developing the idea for my supplement in November 2018 and began the journey around the 1st December 2018.

Each week there will be articles here detailing each step of my journey. You can use my journey as inspiration to kick start your own brand – your own supplement blueprint!

WE’RE LIVE: Check out my greens powder brand – SuperGreen TONIK

Supplement Brand in 12-weeks Blueprint

STEP 1: Research and Branding

STEP 2: Ingredients and Manufacturing

STEP 3: E-commerce & Payment Processing

STEP 4: Fulfilment & Support

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STEP 5: Marketing

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