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Best Tasting Greens Powder comparison

Best Tasting Greens Powders (Updated 2021)

We all know that no matter what’s goes inside a greens superfood powder it needs to taste good enough to drink, or you just won’t drink it regularly to have any benefit.

The fact is most greens taste disgusting.

If it’s not the grassy or chalky taste, it’s the artificial sweeteners used to make them palatable.

With the taste of green superfood powders being such a big deal I thought why not do a comparison based on those I have tasted so far. And boy have I tried a lot of greens.

Out of the 40 or so brands I have personally tasted, this is the selection of the top tasting greens supplements around today. Just be forewarned though, there are some surprises on the list.

A few of these you may not have necessarily heard of, but they are certainly worth checking out.

Check out the popular greens powders I have personally tried (40 and counting!).

Best tasting greens powders

My Top Tasting Greens Powders (UPDATED 2021)

The overall best tasting greens superfood for me is Athletic Greens, closely followed by SuperGreen TONIK.

So, you may be surprised to discover that my greens powder drink is not rated #1 but #2. I know, crazy right?

Let’s take a closer look by checking out my feedback below.

For transparency purposes I should disclose that SuperGreen TONIK listed below is my own brand. You can discover why I went and developed my own great-tasting greens supplement from the ground up by clicking here.

#1 Athletic Greens – Best Tasting Greens Powder

The first greens brand that I tried in 2018 and was very pleasantly surprised by the taste. It wasn’t grassy like much of the general feedback on greens powders that I had read.

Drinking Athletic Greens is pleasant, and I found it’s very easy to enjoy with just cool water.

It’s easy to drink, is slightly sweet but has no bitter after taste, and I genuinely looked forward to taking it each day.

There are no artificial sweeteners inside and so manage to produce the sweetness from having stevia leaf extract.

Athletic greens pouch review

#2 SuperGreen TONIK – Super Close Runner Up

It was a really close call, to be honest with Athletic Greens just picking SuperGreen TONIK to the post.

When working with the nutritionists in the USA I was keen to match their palatable taste and we’re really close. But if I am being completely objective, they just picked me to the post here.

Part of the reason could be that I include larger amounts of green ingredients in my formula. Whilst this is great for ensuring you get the health benefits shown in clinical trials and does mean you potential sacrifice a tiny bit in taste.

Even still, I really looked forward to drinking SuperGreen TONIK each day and find the slightly sweet and minty taste really refreshing.

We also use the natural sweetness of Stevia Leaf extract and include the natural flavoring of mint leaves.

Tasting SuperGreen TONIK

#3 Vibrant Health Green Vibrance

Most greens powders come in just one flavor, not this one. Green Vibrance is available in Matcha Tea, Chocolate Coconut, Orange Pineapple, and Original. WOW, some really interesting and unique flavors there!

When I taste Green Vibrance I went for the original flavor, which actually tasted not bad.

It wasn’t good enough to be my favorite tasting greens but it’s palatable enough to take with cool water without needing to mix into smoothies.

The serving size is on the smaller side coming in at just 8 grams and so some of the greens ingredients are on the low side. This makes masking the grassy taste easier to do but on the flip side may mean you’re under-dosing on your greens serving size.

All things considered though, this is a reasonably tasting greens powder that you can enjoy in the morning to supplement your daily greens.

Tasting Green Vibrance

#4 Organifi Green Juice

This popular greens brand from charismatic ex-juicing fan Drew Canole just doesn’t quite hit that sweet spot in terms of taste.

It’s certainly not one of the worse tasting greens I have tried (that award, unfortunately, goes to ONNIT’s EGN brand, sorry guys), it wasn’t a joy to drink like the top 3 brands above.

That said after taking it for a period of time you can get used to the taste and can become part of your daily routine.

So what does it actually taste like? There is a definite taste of matcha green tea with a hint of mint. Similar to the top choices it does taste better when mixing with cold water.

My Organifi green juice review

#5 Amazing Grass

There are lots of flavor options with Amazing Grass which means there should be something to your liking amongst the Berry, Chocolate, Orange Dream, and Original options.

I tried the original flavor and it tasted okay, no disgusting but not great either. You can definitely experience a grassy taste that’s a bit off-putting and the taste did linger in your mouth for sometime after drinking.

Mixing the green powder into the water was not the easiest either as you could still see bits floating in the water.

Amazing Grass is certainly an acquired taste, but I am sure I could have gotten used to it over time. It didn’t compare with Athletic Greens or SuperGreen TONIK.

The big plus point is that Amazing Grass is very budget-friendly though, so you would have to consider this when making your choice.

Tasting Amazing Grass

What can affect the taste of green powders?

As I have already mentioned, the serving size can massively affect the taste. It goes without saying that having more of certain types of greens, like spirulina and chlorella can overpower the taste and end up giving it a very grassy taste.

So, this is the catch-22 with these greens’ supplements.

You want them to taste good, or at least palatable, but often having large amounts of the green superfoods can severely affect the taste.

This is why I am really pleased with my brand because the serving size is a good 12 grams, similar to Athletic greens, but 25% more than Green Vibrance and Organifi.

Of course, the other factor in terms of taste is the use of flavorings and sweeteners.

Use of Flavorings

The popular choice for flavorings is mint, berries, mint, and chocolate.

Given the wide choice of greens, I have tasted I naturally went for mint or naturally flavored ones.

I find the choice of chocolate an unusual one and trying out the most popular chocolate superfood supplement really turned me off. I just couldn’t stomach it.

Again this is a personal preference, you may like the idea of chocolate greens!

Battle of the sweeteners: Stevia leaf extract versus monk fruit

In terms of natural sweeteners, this tends to fall into two camps. Those greens brands who use stevia leaf extract and those who favor monk fruit.

Stevia leaf extract sweetener in greens powder

Stevia leaf extract is a popular natural sweetener as it has zero calories and none of the negative effects of using sugar. Although the research shows mostly beneficial reports from taking Stevia some people are not fans mostly down to taste.

Stevia has almost no calories and is 200 times sweeter than sugar. According to many studies, there can be benefits to consuming Stevia leaf extract in our diet (source), other than a replacement for your traditional sugar.

Monk fruit sweetener in greens powders

Monk fruit although less well known certainly has its fans. It’s 150-250 times sweeter than table sugar, has zero calories and carbs, and does not raise blood glucose levels (source).

Whilst there are many benefits to Monk Fruit it’s not easy to get hold of mostly because it’s expensive. Also, some people are turned off by the aftertaste of monk fruit.

Final Word on Assessing Taste of Green Powder Supplements

The thing is taste is very personal and so is very subjective.

I can give you a perfect example, as a kid I loved dipping cheese into the honey spread on toast, sounds great, eh?

Funky cheesy, honey taste aside, my point is that there are some flavorings that may be fine for me but put you off.

A big factor in my taste preference is being able to simply mix with water. This way I can quickly prepare my greens drink and know I will enjoy consuming it.

Most importantly, a good tasting greens powder means you will look forward to drinking it and not forgot to have it every day.

The days when healthy food and drinks tasted awful are gone. These days you can pick a greens superfood supplement that you can enjoy sipping on whether with just water or with your favorite smoothie.

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