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SuperGreen TONIK review

SuperGreen TONIK Review (My Supplement)

Of the nearly 40 supplements I have tried and reviewed so far, something always seems to be missing.

That’s when I hit upon the idea of creating my very own greens superfood supplement. After nearly a year of hard work, research, and countless dollars spent, SuperGreen TONIK came to fruition.

With the help of a US-based manufacturer and studying a few companies who do it right, we created fully transparent superfood greens supplement that provides the exact dosage of every single ingredient included. In simple terms, our formula has 38 scientifically backed ingredients that actually work.

I use SuperGreeen TONIK to get my daily dose of essential nutrients, so being as unbiased as possible, I thought it would be interesting to review my own supplement to give you a better idea of the ingredients and the philosophy behind the brand.

Adam holdings SGT tub

SuperGreen TONIK First Impressions

I love the look of this tub; then again, I would say that; however, in all seriousness, the tub stands out from most of the greens supplements on the market.

Many of the brands, even some of the top ones, have tubs that are quite frankly boring; I wanted SuperGreen TONIK to not only be an effective product but a cool one too. SuperGreen Tonik’s tub is a vibrant green combined with a sleek matte black to reflect the high-grade ingredients.

Getting the branding right took quite a long time, but overall we’re delighted with the way it has turned out.

Feedback from friends and customers is that it looks like a premium brand – exactly what we were looking for!

Taking a look at what’s inside, we’ve used some of the best premium superfood ingredients, such as Spirulina, Barley Grass, chlorella, and Kale. What separates my supplement, though, from the others? Well, many things actually, but the inclusion of dedicated ingredients proven to boost cognitive function, improve memory and increase productivity separates us from the rest.

This is the foundation for the tagline “the ultimate fuel for body and mind.”


  • Packed with 38 vitamins/minerals, superfoods, and adaptogens in clinical dosages
  • Full transparency labelling – know what you’re taking
  • Refreshing and tasty in water or smoothies
  • Keto, paleo, vegan friendly
  • 365-day money-back guarantee


  • Premium pricing, although cheaper if you opt for the saver bundles


Use code: LHG15 for 15% Off

Why I developed SuperGreen TONIK

My motivation was clear. First and foremost, I wanted to develop a super greens drink for my wife, and I could drink it daily. But the ultimate goal was always to create a drink that could help ordinary everyday people get the absolute best out of themselves.

I was a successful triathlete and long-distance runner in my younger years until I was struck down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Since then, for the better part of 25 years, I’ve struggled with CFS. You can read about how overtraining led to glandular fever and knocked me out for many years in my post.

Although I know better, my nutrition can be poor at times. So I wanted to take a supplement that provided all my daily greens, could give me additional brain nutrients for improved brain functioning, increased support for the immune system, and help to reduce symptoms of stress.

Every day without fail I take my glass of SuperGreen TONIK, knowing that I have consumed my nutrients for the day whatever my diet.

I’m proud to say I’ve created the world’s FIRST optimized 7-in-1 formula that provides all the benefits I was after in just one scoop. It took a lot of painstaking research and collaboration with brilliant people (way more than me!), but I finally got there!

Being a busy dad with two energetic kids, I feel the effects of 25 plus years of a sedentary lifestyle and the lingering impact of chronic fatigue syndrome on my energy levels and immune system.

Every day without fail, I take my glass of SuperGreen TONIK.

In fact, I look forward to drinking it as I like the subtle refreshing mint taste. I never felt that with any of the greens supplements I had tried before.

The bonus is that I know that in just 10 seconds, I’ve consumed all the nutrients I need for the day, regardless of my diet. Now I’m not condoning maintaining a bad diet or eating whatever you like, but it’s a great feeling knowing I can plug any nutritional holes I might have.

Supergreen TONIK and glass jar

SuperGreen TONIK Ingredients

SuperGreen TONIK provides the optimized doses of the core nutrients needed for a healthy body and mind. That was the goal from the outset, a 100% fully transparent label, and the full disclosure of every ingredient and amount.

I wanted to provide customers with peace of mind, knowing they knew precisely what they were getting”— no hidden ingredients and no BS.

So, unlike 99% of the greens powders on the market, including some of the most well-known, SuperGreen TONIK reveals the exact ingredient amounts used in each blend.

I noticed during my research that most brands didn’t provide a full 30-days of servings. My brand is different. SuperGreen Tonik offers entire months serving in every tub. Again our brand is different in that each serving is 12g, and each tub contains the whole 30-day serving.

What does this mean?

Basically, it means you only need to take 1 scoop each day, not 2 or sometimes 3 as with other brands.

SGT Label May 2021

The SuperGreen TONIK formula contains three blends (Organic Greens Blend, Brain Blend, Immune blend) and all the essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy living.

As all the ingredients and amounts are disclosed on the label, you can see exactly what’s inside (as you can see in my label above).

  • Organic Greens Blend (7,500mg):
    Organic Spirulina powder (2,000mg), Organic Kale powder (2,000mg), Organic Spinach powder (1,000mg), Organic Barley Grass (1,000mg), Organic Chlorella (Cracked Cell) (1,000mg), Organic Moringa Oleifera (500mg).
  • Nootropic Blend (1,800mg):
    Ashwagandha Root Extract (500mg), Bacopa Monnieri (300mg), Rhodiola Rosea (300mg), L-Theanine (250mg), Ginkgo Biloba (240mg)
  • Immune blend (1,000mg):
    Dandelion leaf extract (500mg), Garlic Extract (250mg), Olive leaf extract (250mg).

There are three other ingredients in the “other ingredients” section: Inulin, Silicon Dioxide, and natural flavor.

Inulin is a soluble fiber and typically used in place of sugar in foods. Silicon dioxide is inside one of those little packets you often find inside sealed foods you buy. They’re used to adsorb any water vapor, which helps preserve powders from getting moist, prolonging their shelf life.

The natural flavor is 100% natural mint leaves and gives the drink a pleasant refreshing taste. We also use natural stevia, resulting in a greens drinks that tastes great without those unwanted extra calories.


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Drinking SuperGreen TONIK from shaker

How to Take SuperGreen TONIK?

Taking SuperGreen TONIK is really easy.

Just mix one scoop of our greens powder into a glass of water, juice, or even your smoothie. I prefer ice-cold water because it feels way more refreshing.

If you aren’t keen on mixing it with water, you can try fruit juices – I know that some customers have particularly liked mixing SuperGreen TONIK with orange juice!

I have tried it a few times, and it’s unusual but actually pretty good.

The great thing is that you can take it whenever you want. It fits into any diet or training regimen.

I often practice intermittent fasting, so I usually drink it in the afternoon. You can take it for breakfast, on your commute, before a workout, or anytime you feel like a “pick me up.”

PRO TIP: I’ve found that taking it in the afternoon is perfect to pre-empt those afternoon slumps in energy.

How Does SuperGreen TONIK Taste?

Quite frankly, most super greens taste disgusting.

For most people, this isn’t a big deal. They value the benefits over the bad taste.

However, I felt it was essential to making it taste great, so anyone could mix, drink and enjoy it on the go. This is how I drink SuperGreen TONIK in a water bottle filled with cold water. I know that some people prefer mixing with their favorite smoothie, so we have produced many recipes for customers.

We added delightful natural mint flavoring and stevia leaf extract as a natural sweetener to counteract the grassy taste of 99% of greens supplements. The stevia leaf extract is found in many super green supplements.

I personally believe Athletic Greens is one of the best-tasting greens powders, but I was not too fond of the cost and the fact they used proprietary blends. I want to know EXACTLY what I am putting into my body.

Adam drinking SuperGreen TONIK

Side Effects

It’s highly unlikely you’ll experience any side effects when taking SuperGreen TONIK.

I’ve been taking it for nearly two years now and have had no significant side effects. Many of our customers also have reported no significant side effects, but it can have different reactions in each of us as with any supplement.

Does SuperGreen TONIK Work?

I believe so, and it’s why I take a glass of SuperGreen TONIK every day and have been for the last two years now.

Unlike the marketing claims of many supplements, you’re not going to be leaping out of bed in the morning like some superhero. It’s not a “silver bullet,” and it’s not meant to be.

It’s there to help plug any nutritional gaps, kind of like nutritional insurance for your body.

But like me, you will experience more energy during the day and less brain fog by taking SuperGreen TONIK. The potent adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha play a big role here.

Since suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was often sick once or even twice a month. Any exercise was and still can be a big trigger for me, but also, with kids who constantly have runny noses, it’s easy for my immune system to take a hit.

The emphasis of SuperGreen TONIK has been to provide the right superfoods & nutrients in the correct dosages, so that you can experience the benefits first hand.

Since taking SuperGreen TONIK, my immune system has definitely improved. On a few occasions, I have felt like I was getting sick, but it never developed into a full-blown sickness, just a few days of tiredness.

SuperGreen TONIK is backed by 38 scientifically proven ingredients.

We provide the correct amount for each of the best ingredients; we don’t try to “hide” or “deceive” our customers. We genuinely believe you deserve to have the best ingredients backed by countless hours of research in conjunction with some of the world’s leading nutrition experts.

Providing full transparency really is the cornerstone of our company’s philosophy. We give you the ability to drill down into each ingredient and verify you’re getting the correct dosages.

Remember, without the minimum effective dosage of each ingredient, the supplement simply won’t work.

We’ve basically done the groundwork for you and taken away the guessing game.

Supergreen Tonik Customers

SuperGreen TONIK Customer Reviews

SuperGreen TONIK is a relative newcomer to the greens powder market and so reviews are mostly restricted to the official website. There are third-party websites that have reviewed our product and can be found on Google.

Here is a selection from the official website:

I drink SuperGreen TONIK every day, I have so much more energy and greater mental clarity. I am really confident every day knowing I get the right nutrition for me!Sean, USA

I’m 46, a mother of 4, three of which are in their 20’s & my son 7. Green TONIK is a must in my life as I’m very active & I have an autoimmune disease that gives me that afternoon slump, so I need a pick me up!Jo, Australia

I absolutely love SuperGreen TONIK! Tastes great and saves me hours of juicing in the morning – 30 seconds and I’m done. I have so much more energy and it helps me be super productive to drink this everydayDavid, USA

In 2021, Ksenia Lykinaa top professional tennis player based in the US has endorsed SuperGreen TONIK as her go-to greens supplement.

Ksenia Testimonial

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand by SuperGreen TONIK, which is why we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee. This means you can try it out, and if you don’t like it, simply reach out, and we’ll refund your order.

We’re one of the few companies that offer an industry-leading money-back guarantee!

I recommend that you take SuperGreen TONIK for at least a month to give the nutrients the time they need to really start making changes within your body.

Where to Buy SuperGreen TONIK?

You can buy single tubs to the multi-saver bundles of SuperGreen TONIK from the official website. It’s also available on Amazon here.

Readers of LifeHacker Guy can get a special FIRST-TIME OFFER of 15% OFF by using coupon code – LHG15.


Use code: LHG15 for 15% Off

Supergreen TONIK

Is It Worth the Price?

SuperGreen TONIK is definitely a premium product. And there’s a good reason for that: The ingredients and quantities used in the formula are not cheap!

Think about it this way: You have two alternatives to SuperGreen TONIK if you want all the benefits:

  • Take seven different greens supplements,
  • Buy all the ingredients evenly, divide them up, and juice. Not only is it more expensive, but it’s also more time-consuming

It doesn’t sound so expensive now. SuperGreen TONIK saves time and money compared to the alternatives. How much would those ingredients cost every day? How much would seven different supplements cost per day?

If you buy one tub, the cost is $87 USD per 30-servings, which works out to be $2.90 per day (the price of your local coffee?). The cost can be reduced by going for the “saver” 5 tub bundle at $327 USD, making the cost just $65 USD per tub – which is just $2.10 USD per day.

Here’s the best thing though, we SHIP FREE anywhere in the continental USA.

Remember, use the coupon code above to save an additional 15% on your order.

Superior Ingredients. No Proprietary Blends. No Hidden Formulas and NO BS! As low as $2 per day on our saver bundles.

Considering many other brands recommend taking more than one serving per day, products may appear initially cheaper when in actual fact, you need to buy two or more tubs per month.

You don’t have this issue with SuperGreen TONIK.

You only need to take one serving a day to get your daily greens and other health-supporting micronutrients.

SuperGreen TONIK vs The Competition

You have most likely come across other greens superfood supplements on the market; there is certainly no shortage of them.

The thing is, though, there is a massive difference in the quality of supplements online; it’s why I felt so compelled to develop my own from scratch.

Just check out the differences between SuperGreen TONIK and the competition:

SuperGreen comparison table

I firmly believe that SuperGreen TONIK outperforms most (if not all) other brands when comparing the ingredients, ingredient amounts, cost per serving, free shipping, and the money-back guarantee. Check out this comparison table to see why.

SuperGreen TONIK FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Is SuperGreen TONIK legit?

It certainly is. This healthy greens powder is manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility and shipped from the USA.

Can I buy SuperGreen TONIK from eBay?

No at the moment our Green TONIK is only available from the official website. Whilst there are many brands stocked on eBay we decided to focus just on the official website for the time being.

Does SuperGreen TONIK help weight loss?

SuperGreen TONIK is not marketed as a weight-loss supplement but the benefits of consuming a healthy mix of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and powdered veggies mean it can help with controlling your weight. Some people may find that they naturally lose weight after taking this consistently for some time.

Bottom Line on SuperGreen Tonik

Of course, I believe that SuperGreen TONIK is one of the best greens powder supplements on the market today.

This is the reason I drink it every day, as do my mom and sister.

It not only contains the precise ingredients in the correct dosages, but it’s pleasant-tasting too. The mint is certainly refreshing!

Developed from the ground up, researching the ingredients (notably the amounts), SuperGreen TONIK has been formulated to deliver the nutrients that make a difference in your life.

With so many supplements out there, it’s easy to end up taking a heap of them which is both time-consuming and costly, but with SuperGreen TONIK, I’ve eliminated that need.

I make taking SuperGreen TONIK part of my daily morning routine; it gives me the confidence that no matter what happens during the day, I have my micronutrients covered and more.

If you’re fed up with blindly taking supplements with no idea what’s really inside them, AND you want a formula that delivers results, then I wholeheartedly recommend giving my SuperGreen TONIK a try.


Use code: LHG15 for 15% Off

Adam Author

About the LifeHacker Guy

Hi, I'm Adam the founder of the LifeHacker Guy.

I have a First Class Honours degree in Sports Science from Brighton University, specialising in exercise physiology and nutrition. In my youth I was a competitive Triathlete and long-distance runner placing top 10 in most triathlon races I completed.

Since suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I moved into web development, after a couple of years I then moved onto developing a number of online businesses. I've recently taken a sabbatical and I'm now looking to make big changes in my life, hopefully this may resonate with you - join me in my journey!


  1. Hello sir:

    May I ask why you used D2 (ergocalciferol) instead of D3 (cholecalciferol) for the Vitamin D portion?

    And may I also ask why magnesium wasn’t included since most multivitamins include calcium AND magnesium?

    With all due respect, I trust that more than enough research has gone into developing this wonderful product. I haven’t quite pulled the trigger on ordering yet, but I would like to. Can you help me out??


    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We used D2 as it’s plant-based and wanted to ensure our formula was vegan. In terms of bioavailability and effectiveness, there is data to suggest that D3 COULD be more effective in raising blood levels of Vitamin D, however, it is by far not conclusive this necessarily equates to better health. So as long as your store your super green tonik in a closed container in the fridge you shouldn’t see the levels of Vitamin D2 degrade.
      There is magnesium added but also within the greens in the formula although we’re considering increasing these amounts in future versions of the supplement as I am committed to improving the formula.
      We have amazing feedback from customers and with the money-back guarantee you can give us a try, risk-free (be sure to use the coupon above).

  2. I’m excited about this product but disappointed that it contains stevia. Do you offer a stevia free option?

    1. Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for your comment. We went with Stevia Leaf extract as this was the best tasting version from the many options we considered and tried. The bitterness of many of the greens ingredients means that without any natural sweetener the taste is difficult to take.
      Let me know how you get on though 🙂

      1. I agree with Kelly. Why not offer a stevia free version? I happen to love bitter, salty, hot, sour, over sweet anything!

        1. Hey Amy,
          Thanks for the feedback. It’s a really tough one with taste, for every person who wants a “stevia-free” or “natural sweetener” free version there are the same, if not more, people saying it’s too bitter for their palate. At this stage to develop two versions, one with and one without, would be too costly and so unfortunately not something we will pursue at the moment. That said, we plan to continually evolve our formula to keep on top of the latest research. This will ensure that we have the best formula out there.

  3. Just had my very first cup, and I love the taste. Within a couple of minutes after opening the neat little container and taking my first drink, I felt like I was on my way to much better nutrition in my life. I’m a totally blind person with a full-time job, and using Los Angeles public transportation to commute to and from work consumes lots of my time. Normally, when I arrive home I whip up a meal with whatever I can find, and of course this leaves holes in the amount of nutrients I should be consuming. That is now a thing of the past! I am excited about having discovered SuperGreen TONIK (suggested by a nutrition-geek friend), and I’m really confident your solution will yield great outcomes for me.

  4. You call this a total daily balanced nutritional solution? How is that possible without Vitamin A and Calcium? By the way, how can you include all those greens but almost entirely eliminate Vitamin A? This is highly suspicious. Is your label incorrect? It looks to me like if I rely on your Tonik my brain fog might clear but my vision will fail and my bones will crumble!

    1. Hi David,
      I appreciate your feedback, however, you have neglected to consider the amount of Vitamin A and calcium within the greens blend. The number of vitamins/minerals listed are those added on top of the nutrients you will find within the greens blend. This is why with non-soluble vitamins we have less than the soluble vitamins to ensure consumers do not have too much. This is not uncommon as if you check out many supplements they will have less than the 100% recommended daily amount for non-soluble vitamins (take a look at the other leading greens brands if you wish, some brands do not even disclose the amounts of vitamins/minerals).
      In terms of calcium, if you do the research on the bioavailability of calcium then you will see that for certain types of calcium you only get 20-40% of the volume as available calcium. This means to get 300-400mg of calcium available you would need to consume around 1 gram – this would take up a large part of the formula. This is why we made the judgment to include a smaller amount at this time. This is something we’re looking into though as if we can reduce the amount of one ingredient to make room for additional calcium we will. Of course, then we may find that a customer would prefer this not to be the case, and instead prefer to have more of the other ingredient 😉

  5. Hi Adam,

    If I take men’s multivitamin daily, should I take your supplement along with this, or should I think of it as replacement?


    1. Hi Gary,
      Thanks for your comment. Unless you have been advised by your doctor to take any particular vitamin/mineral at a particular dosage, then you wouldn’t need to take a multivitamin alongside SuperGreen TONIK.

  6. way to expensive 87.00 . if all you people out there claim to want to help people seems like the only ones being helped is yourselves, that is insane. sorry to sound so harsh but the people who could really benefit cannot afford it to bad. i know you need to make a living but WOW.

    1. Hi James,
      Thanks for your comment. Just a bit of feedback here.
      This supplement is not cheap to produce, it’s produced in the US, it’s third-party tested, and we ensure that the weight of ingredients in the formula are in sufficient quantities to have an effect (very few supplements do this!). I take this every day, and I didn’t want to take a supplement I wasn’t confident would work, otherwise, I would be wasting my time.
      Also, the price is really not expensive, it is similar to a number of well-established and popular greens on the market that are priced $90 to $110 per month, in fact, we’re significantly cheaper than some of them.
      The price varies according to the number of tubs purchased, going for the saver tub reduces the tub to around $60 per month.

  7. Good day Adam,

    I have had this product for about a month now and I was wondering if there have been any other people who have side effects such as bloating or excessive gas. I figured there would be somewhat of a transition period and I did stop taking it every day and even dropped down to a half scoop in hopes that might help.

    But other than that, I really like the minty taste. I have been putting it in ice water for a more refreshing drink (does get a touch “chalky” at the bottom when it starts to settle out) and some mornings I have been mixing it with a little vanilla protein powder and almond milk and it is quite delicious.

  8. also Adam,
    how do YOUin GOOD conscience JUSTIFY asking for ALMOST $100
    a bottle?? that is OUTRAGEOUS!!
    for mostly kale & spinach that PALE
    in nutrition to MORE of GREENS
    like wheatgrass,spirulina,& chlorella
    (maybe barley) ,that Most ALL People DONT GET in their REGULAR diet DAILY!
    yikes $100 a bottle!!! I could get 2bottles YES ,2bottles EACH of QUALITY Spirulina,Chlorella,wheatgrass
    for $100 and get phytonutrient
    BENEFITS rethink your OPINION
    of how GREAT your product is and who it REALLY is BENEFITING
    Not trusting your reviews of other products because of this assessment

    1. Hi John and Sharon,
      My immediate feedback is that this product is definitely not for you. If you don’t sell the value of the ingredients used then there is nothing I can say that would change your mind.
      I developed the product for myself and then decided to run this as a business. I am and many thousands of customers do get the benefits and see the value.
      You clearly are not aware of the costs of the other ingredients in the formula that are not cheap. If you did the simple maths on this you would be spending more than $100 per bottle.
      In any case, we don’t charge $100 – if you read the review or visit the website, you will see that tubs are available for $62 each month on the bundles, or just purchasing one month is $87 (or and free shipping).
      When first reading your comment I thought about simply deleting as I believe it adds very little value and is full of incorrect information. But I thought it would useful to address your feedback.
      Have a great day and wish you all the best in selecting another product (or products).

  9. why does the THIRD PORTION of greens blend include such large amount 2000mg kale & 1000mg spinach? Chlorella Is ONLY1000mg
    that seems like ODD choice of nutrition. why does anyone need that much of 2 veggies with NO SPECIAL benefits compared to ADDING WHEATGRASS to the LIST
    would have BEEN BETTER to
    SPIRULINA and CHLORELLA by 2000mg each and 2000mg Wheatgrass
    why is horseradish on list?that’s NOT a “greens”

  10. Hi, I’m just now beginning to research to make a decision on a green supplement to take, & was glad to find your site early on. I didn’t see anywhere how you find the ingredients for your supplement, and if “all” the ingredients are organic. I am a little curious as to how you go about finding the raw ingredients, and how you choose them (to get the best), or do you actually grow them yourself? And how are you able to process them into the final product? Unless all that is outsourced? I ask all this because, as a 66-yr-old grandma who worked hard in the 70s & 80s to grow and preserve my own organic food for my family, I have a hard time understanding how it seems so easy to do it on a grand scale these days. Granted, back then, it was almost prohibitively expensive to buy organic food compared to these days, but it doesn’t always seem “proven” that what we buy is actually organic. Otherwise, I am interested in trying your product, and I send kudos on all you’ve achieved.

    1. Hi Finn,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. As a startup being self-funded it wasn’t possible to grow our own produce and instead, we vetted US-based manufacturers who we could work with. This allowed us to ensure that strict safety guidelines were followed by manufacturers that are FDA certified (their facilities and not referring to our greens here). Working with them we sourced the ingredients, including all the organic greens included in the “greens blend”. Once they received the ingredients they are tested for purity and for safety before mixing and then doing taste testing. We also once the product is blended send this off to a 3rd party lab (Eurofins) for independent testing – they provide the nutritional breakdown of carbs/protein/kcal, along with ensuring there are no contaminants present in the product.
      To confirm our brand isn’t certified USDA organic as this requires 95% or more of the ingredient to organic. We were not able to source all the ingredients organically, but we wanted to ensure the main part of the formula (greens blend, 7.5grams) was organic.
      I hope this explains the process, please do reach out to me with any questions.

    1. Hi Karey-Ann,
      At the moment you can only purchase directly through the official website. There are plans to look at stocking SuperGreen Tonik in the UK, but there is currently no date for this yet.

  11. Hello. Can collagen powder be mixed into SuperGreen Tonik? I usually mix into coffee but my goal is to not need coffee anymore.

  12. I just purchased this because I’m trying to maintain a major weight loss and live a bit healthier. This might be a fairly good tasting powder – I’ve not tried other options – but in my opinion, it tastes too much like black licorice to drink daily. Awful is going too far, but this does not taste good – I’m trying to get it down twice a week. I appreciate what it might be doing for me, but this is going to be a one-time purchase for me.

    1. Hi Ginger,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment and give feedback here. Taste is a real tough one as it’s very subjective – I know because I have tried so many greens now!
      The number of customers who dislike the taste is incredibly low though. Have you tried combining with smoothies or even juices?
      This sounds like it wouldn’t work but a few customers have mixed it into OJ. I gave this a try and it’s certainly unusual but pretty good.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment, unfortunately not at the moment. This is because of the Vitamin D used.
      We will be making a vegan version at some point but no date for this yet.

  13. Hi, I take several daily supplements, including vitamins c, d & b’s, magnesium, potassium, calcium, omega 3 & a multi. I’m wondering if you still take supplements along with your greens drink or if you recommend doing so. Didn’t quit understand what you wrote about your supplement intake. Thanks.

    1. Hi Leticia,
      Thanks for your comment. Unless you have been advised by your medical doctor that you need above the normal recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals then you would only need to take this supplement.
      In terms of supplement intake, I am not entirely sure what you mean. If you’re referring to the ingredients label and revealing the ingredients, then my supplement shows you the exact breakdown of every ingredient weight in the formula. Most greens powders don’t and instead reference the weight for the blend of several ingredients together.
      The problem with this is that you never can be sure how much of every single ingredient is inside. This means you have to rely on the fact that the company has YOUR best interest at heart over any commercial reasons.
      There are many great companies out there but there are also some bad ones.
      Having every single ingredient listed on a label goes some way to show true transparency and that you can fact check any of the ingredients in the formula. Basically, you know what you are consuming!
      I hope this helps.

    1. Hi Emily,
      I would suggest speaking to your medical professional before taking any supplements just to make sure it’s a good fit for you. You can always show the label shown in my review or on the official website, as we have full disclosure labeling they can see exactly what’s inside.
      Let me know what the outcome is.

  14. I take primal Greens every morning of every day. Can you tell me what your take on primal greens is? I’m not feeling a huge difference taking it yet so I’m quite interested in your product. My problem is there are so many products out there that really sell their product and make it sound really good. How do you choose? Everyone wants to make money selling their product. So I guess what I’m asking is what makes your product above all the other ones?? I would love to find the holy grail of supplements I just don’t know where to go from here.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Sure completely understand where you are coming from as I was in that position 18 months ago. There are some really good brands on the market but for me I wanted to know a) exactly what was inside and b) ingredients that helped both body and mind. This is why we went with full disclosure labelling so you can see exactly what’s inside and importantly their amounts. Secondly, we put together three blends to deliver the greens, brain and immune nutrients.
      I and my family take this everyday and many thousands do as well to promote healthy living more longer term but in the short term to improve energy, immune health and focus.
      Hope this helps, reach out to me if you need further information/help.

    1. Hi Elle,
      There are no pre or probiotics in the formula. We were initially going to have a blend for digestive enzymes too but when digging into this more discovered that including these ingredients in a multi-ingredient formula can make them unstable. So we didn’t see the point of including them if they won’t going to have much, if any, benefit to consumers.
      Hope this answers your question.

  15. Hi there,

    Can you please do a comparison of your brand vs athletic greens?

    I did the 30 days to healthy living with Arbonne and I did feel better but there are so many different products you need to take the greens, protein, digestion plus (pre and probiotics), cleanse, tea, fizz sticks (vitamins minerals and caffeine) in conjunction with the greens and the diet was very limiting. I don’t feel as good as I did when taking all of it and cutting out all soy dairy gluten etc. also no coffee or alcohol. It was quite hard.

    I want a good alkaline greens powder and to just limit how much soy, dairy and gluten I have but not completely cut it out and hopefully feel just as good.

        1. Hi Gloria,
          Thank you for your interest in SuperGreen TONIK.
          There is no direct sales number at the moment but we do have an excellent support team that is available 24/7. The ordering process is straight forward and 100% secure, you can even use PayPal and AfterPay (this spreads payments over 2 months).

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