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Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

One of the last purchase I made before leaving London was the Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Golden Sugar, and I must say I was terribly excited about it. I don’t usually buy low-end makeup, but who can resist these beautiful shades? This palette was pretty much screaming my name and costs only 6£. I rarely find highlighters and blushes I truly love, expect the ones by Hourglass but they are way too expensive for me at the moment, thus I kept my expectations low in case of a disappointment but finally this palette was an excellent surprise.

When makeup makes you break out

Remember that day when you finally purchased the foundation or blush you really, really wanted for weeks? Remember how this foundation made you look amazing and how you wanted to tell the whole world about it? Remember how after a few days you finally noticed those small white bumps or zits on your face and you started crying in despair, hoping to find another culprit than the foundation itself?