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Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

One of the last purchase I made before leaving London was the Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Golden Sugar, and I must say I was terribly excited about it. I don’t usually buy low-end makeup, but who can resist these beautiful shades? This palette was pretty much screaming my name and costs only 6£. I rarely find highlighters and blushes I truly love, expect the ones by Hourglass but they are way too expensive for me at the moment, thus I kept my expectations low in case of a disappointment but finally this palette was an excellent surprise.

Life Lately + Glowing skin : Skincare haul

March was crazy and I didn’t get the chance to update very often. As you may know I recently moved to Paris with my boyfriend and in the midst of chaos I couldn’t find much time to post new articles. It took me a long time to finally settle down and arrange our new place, which wasn’t easy because my kind boyfriend left me the gracious & easy task to buy all the furniture and decorate our place by myself, I quote “who cares about home decor?”. Have you ever tried explaining to someone who doesn’t speak your language you’re…

What’s in my bag : makeup edition

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, mostly because I finally moved to Paris with my boyfriend in our new flat, thus I always carry a bunch of makeup in my bag. Because you know, I might run into George Clooney in the streets and need a little bit more mascara. The purple faux-crocodile makeup bag is from Hera, I believe it was part of their limited 2014 or 2015 collection but I’m not sure.