Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist


Facial mists may be seen as only optional to many but they can sometimes be skin savers, especially to people with dry skin.
The Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is one of the most versatile skincare product I have used so far, and I pretty much never leave the house without it.

When you say “facial mist” most people would immediately think of the very well-known Caudalie Beauty Elixir, but in my case this name makes me cringe. Not that I don’t like Caudalie, but I find the beauty elixir absolutely not worth the hype as it is definitely not moisturizing or brightening at all.
During the day my skin tends to become extremely dry even if I applied a rich moisturizer in the morning, therefore I always carry a moisturizing mist with me wherever I go. My last mist was the fabulous Laneige Clear-C Advanced Effector Mist but I decided to not repurchase it and got the Tatcha instead since I don’t find it moisturizing enough to fight the dry, cold air of London.


This versatile facial mist can be used instead or after a toner, as a finishing touch after your skincare routine, as a moisturizing makeup primer and as a makeup fixer to get a luminous dewy finish. With the strobing makeup trend going on these days this mist provides the perfect dewy finish you can’t have with highlighters only.

Formulated with moisturizing ingredients such as Glycerin, Olive Squalane, Camellia Seed & Green Tea Oils, Licorice & Ginseng Root Extract and many more, this facial mist offers a superb boost of moisture and hydratation to the skin throughout the day. Unlike the Beauty Elixir it is absolutely not refreshing, and feels more like a liquid-type essence than a watery toner. It somehow leaves a very thin film (not greasy) on the skin, but it quickly disappears after a few minutes. You can also lightly pat your skin with your palms or fingers to make it disappear faster.


The packaging is, as always with Tatcha, absolutely stunning. The gorgeous lavender glass bottle with gold accents is very sturdy and doesn’t break easily. It is also travel-friendly and doesn’t leak at all.

This mist is perfect for dry to combination skin to fight dryness and get a radiant complexion, but it may feel a little bit too tacky or too rich for oily skin. The high price may scare some of you but it’s definitely worth the splurge if like me you always need to moisture your skin during the day.

Available at Sephora (US) and Barneys New York.

5 comments on Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

  • Crystal

    I wish I could get this but its too expensive for me haha is there any other korean mists that are great for moisturising/whitening and such at a cheaper price? I live in london too and it does get quite windy sometimes!

    • Hye Mi (author)

      The Laneige Water Bank Mist is great as well, and cheaper. Otherwise the Thayers Alcohol-free Cucumber Toner is great as a moisturizing/soothing mist, just pour some in an empty spray bottle and voila. πŸ™‚

  • Lily

    The dry, cold air of London? Are we living in the same London? The one with an average humidity of 80% in the winter? Where every heated room has water streaming down the windows? πŸ™‚

    • Hye Mi (author)

      I wish I could feel the humidity! Am I the only one in London who needs to put a few bowls of water in my room whenever I turn the heater on?

      • Lily

        I envy you!! I have to run the dehumidifier if I turn on the heat or else my windows become waterfalls T_T

        My grandmother (Italian) mentioned offhand last I saw her that when she was growing up, people always said the British have the best skin because of the damp climate πŸ™‚

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