Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Golden Sugar


One of the last purchase I made before leaving London was the Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Golden Sugar, and I must say I was terribly excited about it. I don’t usually buy low-end makeup, but who can resist these beautiful shades? This palette was pretty much screaming my name and costs only 6£. I rarely find highlighters and blushes I truly love, expect the ones by Hourglass but they are way too expensive for me at the moment, thus I kept my expectations low in case of a disappointment but finally this palette was an excellent surprise.

The Golden Sugar Palette has 8 gorgeous shades, perfect as blushes, highlighters but also as eyeshadows.




The first shade is a subtle white with ultra-fine gold shimmers. It looks great in the inner corner of the eye and on the cheekbones, but not so much on the forehead of center of the nose since it is a little too glittery.

The second shade is a gorgeous satin light pink with a hint of peach. It looks gorgeous as a highlighter on cheekbones and in the inner corner of the eye, but also as a blush topper.

The third shade is a satin dusty pink with a hint of mauve. It looks very flattering on all skintones. I love to use it as a blush, as a highlighter but also as an eyeshadow.

The fourth shade is a satin warm copper. I only use it as a eyeshadow since it looks too dark on my skin but it looks great as a highlighter or a bronzer on dark skin.


The fifth shade is a satin beige with a hint of bronze. It’s the perfect shade for an elegant, sultry makeup and it can be used for almost everything : as a highlighter, a blush and an eyeshadow. It can also be used for a very light and subtle contour.

The sixth shade is a beautiful frosty rose gold. Looks perfect as a highlighter, as an eyeshadow, in the inner corner of the eye or as a blush topper. Just perfect.

The seventh shade is a frosty copper. It looks terribly orange on pale skin, but great as a natural peachy blush or bronzer on dark skin.

The last shade is a velvety matte, warm terracotta shade. Just like the seventh shade it has a strong orangey undertone and looks terrible on pale skin, but is beautiful as a bronzer on darker skin.



All shades are extremely pigmented and very easy to blend, not too powdery with very little fallout, and look different depending on your skintone. This palette suits perfectly those with warm undertones and dark skin, but cool undertones and fair skin will probably find the cooler-toned All About Pink palette more to their liking. Even if all the shades don’t work for me I still find the Golden Sugar Palette worth looking at and I urge you to get your hands on it, especially since it costs only 6£. I already ordered their Blush Queen and All About Cream palettes.

Golden Sugar Palette, 6£ on the Makeup Revolution London website.



Amy Hayden


  1. Dana
    April 9, 2016 at 10:21 am

    Those shades sure look lovely!

  2. Therese
    April 8, 2016 at 8:31 pm

    I love the all contour palette, it is really amazing also and i am really interested in trying there blushes.
    Have you tried their cream blush palette?

    • Hye Mi
      April 9, 2016 at 6:21 am

      Not yet, I just ordered it! I hope it’s just as great as this one.

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